The Club showed me how to interact with others and to not be afraid to express myself. The Valentine Club is the place that gave me my confidence back and holds a special place in my heart because of all the wonderful things they have helped me with. They helped me with my education, gave me confidence, and taught me to be involved. The Club is definitely the place that helped turn my life around.

– Jeremy, Louis L. Valentine Club Member.

The Club has changed my life because I used to be in the streets or at parks where there was danger. At the Club, there is no danger. The staff are right there when you need help or advice. The Club is a great place for all kids.

– Kevin, Louis L. Valentine Club member.

The Club has changed my life in a positive way. It has helped me discover the joy of helping others, ways to be respectful. I am a leader. I am creative. I am self-confident. Most of all, I am a young woman.

– Bianca, Louis L. Valentine Club member.